How to connect to a remote Oracle database

Here is how to connect to a remote Oracle database using SQLPlus: sqlplus user/pass@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=protocol)(HOST=host)(PORT=port))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=sid))) Please note that the words in Italics represent variables: user – user name for the remote database pass – password for the remote database protocol – protocol used to connect to remote database, usually TCP host – IP address or hostname of the remote host port – remote …

How to change IP address on CentOS Linux

A few weeks back I needed to change my IP address on a Linux CentOS installed in a VirtualBox machine. Here is how to do it: ifconfig eth0 ifconfig eth0 netmask Sources:

How to get your MAC address in Windows 7

I needed to get mine today, the command is very simple and needs to be executed in a cmd window. Here is how to get the MAC address with the name of the adapter. C:Usershecperez>getmac -v You will see something like this: