How to deploy Express.JS web application on HawkHost with cPanel?

Here is a step by step guide based on my experience on how to deploy your Express.JS web application with cPanel on HawkHost servers. First, the versions I am using are:

  • cPanel v90.0.16
  • Express.JS v4.16.0
  • Node.JS v12.16.1
  • NPM v6.14.4

Now it’s time to login to your cPanel, and do the following

Upload your application folder to the server: You can do as you prefer but I use FileZilla for this, it’s more convenient than cPanel’s File Manager.

Go to Subdomains:


Create a subdomain to access your Node.JS application:



Go to Setup Node.js App on cPanel:


Click on Create Application button:


Fill in the blanks with the right information and click create: 


You will see a green message saying that your app was created. Now you are supposed to access application via the its URL. Except that NO! you will get HTTP 503 error.


Before continuing, stop the application now!

The question is, why is this happening?

There are several reasons for this error to appear and here I address the ones that caused me that problem and/or the ones that stopped me from deploying the application successfully.

For normal applications without express you may not have a problem but if using express.js 4+ then you will get 503 error.

The problem is that in bin/www file there are some lines causing havoc. One of them is:

server.on('listening', onListening);

If you check the events form the class http.server there is no ‘listening’ event. But the mentioned class extends from net.server and that has a listening event.

So I just commented that line out:

// server.on('listening', onListening);

Of course I also commented the function ‘onListening()’ and everything worked perfectly, this function just prints a debug message specifying the port where the server is actually listening for connections so it’s not really relevant but for some reason (that I currently ignore) it confuses Phusion Passenger and then nothing starts. You end up with error HTTP 503 instead.
 * Event listener for HTTP server "listening" event.

// function onListening() {
//   var addr = server.address();
//   var bind = typeof addr === 'string' ?
//     'pipe ' + addr :
//     'port ' + addr.port;
//   debug('Listening on ' + bind);
// }

While you are in that file (if you don’t need to debug) I would comment this line out as well:

// var debug = require('debug')('web-express-template:server');

IMPORTANT: The other problem is the node_modules folder. Delete your node_modules folder as well because the application will not run.

After all this is done go to the application and click Run NPM Install:


Start the application:


Now you can access the URL and you would expect to see your application running perfectly! But instead it doesn’t work still !

So Destroy the app, delete the folder on your server and the re-upload without the node_modules folder and create the application again!

Now it should work!

If you have a problem with any file that you are reading from the code just wait a little, maybe Run NPM Install, I don’t know this thing is confusing, unpredictable, unstable, undocumented, and stressful.

I saw a lot of workarounds where you just create server.js and call http.createserver(app).listen(port) but they don’t work for this case. I really wanted to know more about the root cause of the problem. No need to create server.js or anything like that.

I just write down what worked for me. Hope it helps.



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