How to increase memory in HP Fortify Audit Workbench 4.10

Today I faced some issue when using Fortify. I was getting something like this:

[error]: There is not enough memory available to complete analysis.  For details on making more memory available, please consult the user manual

[warning]: There were 2 problems with insufficient memory. Results may be incomplete. Consider allocating more memory.

I did look in the user manual and this is how I solved it.

My PC has 8GB of RAM installed. The user manual says that you should not allocate more than two thirds of the total memory so I did assign 5460 MB which is on the limit.

I added this line right below the set of the path variable in the auditworkbench.cmd file:

set SCA_VM_OPTS=-Xmx5460M

I also added the following line at the end of the file:


This worked for me. I think with either of those should work but I just didn’t want to leave any space for errors.


6 thoughts on “How to increase memory in HP Fortify Audit Workbench 4.10

  1. Please correct the line to add in as


    There is no ending ‘M’ after the number. Audit workbench is throwing error if I add M after 5460.

    1. Please read page 15 on HP_Fortify_SCA_Install_Config_Guide either M or G should be specified, just like in this example:

      As the information in this post works in my environment and I am able to run Fortify flawlessly I will not modify it.

  2. Same problem here with adding com.fortify.model.ExecMemorySetting=5460M to the file. Doesn’t effect translation or scan, but does prevent the Fortify Audit Workbench application from opening. Removed it and all is well. For a command-line scan, I just supply the -Xmx5460M option and I don’t need to modify anything else.

    1. Hello, as I said before, you are having that problem because you are probably not using version 4.10, I recently installed Fortify Audit Workbench 4.30 and indeed you need to remove the M at the end.

      So to keep things clear:

      if you are using version 4.10 you should add the following line in


      if you are using version 4.30 you should add the following line in


      I hope this solves the problem.

  3. I still cannot open my FPR file of 1.3 (w/o sources) in Audit Workbench 4.30.0086
    I have followed recommendations here: google losing-memory-fortify-tips-memory-usage with no effect.

    1. Hello atriplex, you are trying to open an FPR file of 1.3 MB of size? where did you get that file? did you generate it yourself? are you getting any error? How much RAM do you have installed? I know that you can’t open the file but if you don’t provide more information I am not able to help you.

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