Hill Cipher (Beta)

A web application developed in Node.JS that allows you to cipher and decipher text.

RED Password Generator (coming soon…)

The best web application to generate your passwords without hassle. Generate on-the-fly high security level passwords for each one of your accounts.


A web application for text encryption/decryption. Featured algorithms: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256. Coming soon: support for files.

Key Generator (coming soon…)

An easy-to-use web application to quickly generate RSA key pair as well as some other types of keys.


A tool to generate hashes and HMAC hashes of text. Coming soon: support for files.

JSON Fusion (coming soon…)

A tool to merge at least two JSON objects or files into one JSON object or file.

QR Code

A tool to generate QR codes from text.

Basic Photo Tools (coming soon…)

A basic set of tools to edit pictures.

JSON Delta (coming soon…)

A tool to get the difference between two JSON objects.

Steganographer (coming soon…)

A tool to hide messages inside image files.

CURL Builder (coming soon…)

A tool that generates curl requests according to given data.

Morse code (coming soon…)

I don’t precisely know what I want with this, but something will come out.

Cryptographer (coming soon…)

A web application that implements all (or most) algorithms from Node.JS crypto library to allow text/file encryption.