Hill Cipher

A web application developed in Node.JS that allows you to cipher and decipher text.


A web application for text encryption/decryption. Featured algorithms: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256. Coming soon: support for files.


A tool to generate hashes and HMAC hashes of text. Coming soon: support for files.

QR Code

A tool to generate QR codes from text.

X-509 v3 self-signed certificate generator

A tool to X-509 v3 self-signed certificates in PEM format, it gives you the private key and public key used to generate it as well, very useful for developers.

RaNdom Password Generator

Random password generator that allows you to chose which alphabet to use when creating passwords.

RSA Key Generator

An easy-to-use web application to quickly generate RSA key pairs of sizes 1024, 2048, and 3072.


A web application that implements almost all cipher algorithms from Node.JS’s crypto library to allow text encryption/decryption.

JSON Fusion (coming soon…)

A tool to merge at least two JSON objects or files into one JSON object or file.

JSON Parser (coming soon…)

Parse the damn one-line JSON strings! and print them pretty!

Basic Photo Tools (coming soon…)

A basic set of tools to edit pictures.

JSON Delta (coming soon…)

A tool to get the difference between two JSON objects.

Steganographer (coming soon…)

A tool to hide messages inside image files.

CURL Builder (coming soon…)

A tool that generates curl requests according to given data.

Morse code (coming soon…)

I don’t precisely know what I want with this, but something will come out.

Cryptographer (coming soon…)

A web application that implements all (or most) algorithms from Node.JS crypto library to allow text/file encryption.